Mountain rules

1. Don´t embark on long tours if yo´re not physically up to it.
2. If you find yourself in a snowstorm, save your strength and dig yourself in. It is wiser to take shelter in a snow-hole than to wander hopelessly in a blizzard.
3. Always inform somebody of your route, and when you expect to return.
4. Always respect the weather and heed weather reports.
5. Listen to the advice of people who know the mountains.
6. Be prepared for bad weather and freezing temperatures, even on short tours.
7. Always carry a rucksack containing basic survival equipment.
8. Remember your map and compass.
9. Always stick to marked ski trails, especially if you´re not familiar with the mountains or are inadequately equipped.
10. Always ski with a partner. Never venture out alone.
11. Don´t be afraid to turn back when you´ve had enough or if the conditions are too adverse. You won´t lose face!