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Tuva Turisthytte winter 2019 !

Tuva Turisthytte is open for overnight stay with dinner and breakfast from March 1st - April 22.nd

Our coffeguests can visit us every day from: 22.nd. We like to offer you hot/cold drinks, our "famous" waffles, soup etc.

The skiingtracks are very well marked and if the weather allows it, the "løype"-machine will prepare the tracks. The shortest track of arrival is from Ustaoset (trainstop or arrival by car/bus), 8 km, ca. 2-3 hours skiing. We usually say 2 hours going down to Ustaoset and 3 hours going up to Tuva. If you start in Geilo (trainstop or by car/bus), you can take the skilift uphill and ski 16 km, ca 5 hours - depending upon how heavy your backpack is and if the weather is ok. Please always check the direction of the wind. To ski with the wind in your face is extremely rough if it is strong!! If you start skiing from Geilo, not using the skilift, it will take you ca 7-8 hours with backpack. There are marked skiing tracks from Kikut and Hakkesetstølen too. From the westside, you can ski from Lægreid (have to arrive by car, but the road will be closed in bad weather) or from Haugastøl (trainstop or by car/bus). Please note the distance and the difference in hight and the direction and strength of the wind!!

For more info. pls. call: +47 482 19 414


Please note: From about July - medio Aug there is a bus from Geilo Station till Tuva every day exept Saturday/Sunday, but as the scedule is not setteled yet, please contact us or the Touristbureau in Geilo +47 32095900

Tuva Turisthytte is open for overnight guests June - September
Our coffeéshop is also open weekends: 14.-15. and 21.-22.

Arrival at Tuva: By car from mainroad Fv 40 from Skurdalen, 16 km.

Hike from Ustaoset 10 km or from Geilo 20 km or from Hakkesetstolen

14 km. Ustaoset and Geilo can be reached by train or car.

From Monday till Friday there is a bus Geilo- Tuva, once a day(exept Saturdays and Sundays), and it runs about of July till medio August.

Please check info Geilo +47 32 09 59 00 or Tuva +47 482 19 414

If you want to make a reservation, please phone +47 482 19 414 or send a mail The fastest way to reach us is by phone, but please no written message on the Phone, that will never reach us.

Our mail adress :

We serve dinner and breakfast. Dinner is at 6.30 p.m.

The cofféshop is open every day in the season.