Welcome to Tuva

Summer 2019

2\Openingdates for summer 2019 june 28. - September 8.

Our coffeeshop will also be open on the two following weekends in Sept : 14.-15 and 21.-22 from 11 am to 5 pm.

Welcome to Tuva for just a coffeebreak or for a overnight stay with dinner and breakfast.

Please - do not forget to try our wafles, that is our trademark!

PHONENO. +47 482 19 414

Please note: now it is possible to send an e-mail to us, but in Hardangervidda the weather may interfear with the connection of the internet . If you need a fast answer of your booking, please call! +47 482 19 414. Our mailaddress: tuva-tur@online.no

We cannot receive any written messages sent from your phone, please call us : +47 482 19 414

We are open every day in the season and we do have dinner at 6.30pm and breakfast at 8.00-9.30am, and our coffeéshop is open every day from 11am-5 pm. Please note that if you will arrive later than 6.00pm as an overnightguest, we like to have a written statement of your booking.


Three days ahead of arrival is no fee, but after that the fee will be NOK 340 per person. Later than 24 hours before arrival we will charge you the whole amount of your stay with overnight and meals.

Winter 2019


March 1.- APRIL 22.

We do serve dinner (at 6.30 pm) and breakfast for the overnight guests and we have licence for beer, wine and spirits. It is possible to make reservations, please call us on the phone: +47 482 19 414 Please do not send us any written messages from your phone, that cannot reach us!!! Please also note: If your arrival will be later than 6.00pm, we like to have a written statement of your booking. And please see the cancellation fees, the same as on the Summerpages.

COFFEESHOP:FEBR.16.TH - APRIL 22.TH. Our coffeshop is open every day (from 11.00am -5.00pm)

You are welcome to us for overnight stay or just a skiing trip. And do not forget to try our wafels!!
We also serve hot and cold drinks, soup, sandwiches and of course our wafles!

Phoneno. +47 482 19 414
Please note our opening-info!
Please phone for reservation if you want a quick answer, we do have an e-mail , but the weather is very changing and interfears to the internet. Our mailaddress: tuva-tur@online.no

note: a written message from your phone will not reach us !