How to get to Rauhelleren

Rauhelleren is located in the middle of Hardangervidda national park where the network of marked ski tracks allows you to get an adventurous experience.

If you arrive Norway by plane, the best way to travel further is by train.

For easiest to reach Rauhelleren you can go by train at Bergensbanen from Bergen or Oslo to the start point at Ustaoset. Passing Tuva and Hein you will reach Rauhelleren after 1 or 2 days depending on your physical state. Both Tuva and Hein are excellent cabins to spend the night on your way if you wish to split the trip. Distance between Ustaoset and Rauhelleren is 36 km in more or less flat terrain.

For those of you that bring your car with, follow the main roads shown on the map in the middle. The location of Ustaoset is about 11 km's west of Geilo. Make sure to take necessarily maintenance precautions for your car according to the winter climate. A proposal would be to let the car stay back home!